Conference Program

The Early Modern Center Presents

Transience, Garbage, Excess, Loss: The Ephemeral, 1500-1800

University of California, Santa Barbara

Friday, April 21
Location: Loma Pelona Conference Center
1:00 PM ⑊ Welcoming Remarks: James Kearney (University of California, Santa Barbara)

1:15 PM ⑊ Panel 1: The LOSS of Art/The Art of LOSS

Moderator: Phillip Cortes (University of California, Santa Barbara)

Danielle Ezor (Williams College), “Women’s Work: Chardin’s Kitchen Maids”

Kristen Laciste (University of California, Santa Cruz), “From Maidservant to Anomalous Aristocrat: Imaging and Imagining Dido Elizabeth Belle”

Marta Faust (University of California, Santa Barbara), “Eyed Awry: Visions and Memory in Zimmern Anamorphosis”

Suzanne Decemvirale (University of California, Santa Barbara), “Medium and Message: the After-life of Ephemeral Decorations for the Joyous Entry of Henrietta Maria Stuart in Amsterdam in 1642”

3:00 PM ⑊ Coffee Break 

3:15 PM ⑊ Keynote

Introduction: Andrew Griffin (University of California, Santa Barbara)

Jonathan Goldberg (Emory University), “Painting Marks” 

4:45 PM ⑊ Wine

Saturday, April 22
Location: Loma Pelona Conference Center

8:30 AM ⑊ Breakfast

9:00 AM ⑊ Welcoming Remarks: Jeremy Chow (University of California, Santa Barbara)

9:15 AM ⑊ Panel 2: TRANSIENT Stages

Moderator: Katie Adkison (University of California, Santa Barbara)

Heidi Craig (University of Toronto), “Excess and Thrift in the Production of Early Modern Drama”

Melissa Vipperman-Cohen (University of California, San Diego), “Economic Criticism and the Value of Reputation in William Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice

Peter Cibula (University of California, Irvine), “‘Turned to Heresy’: Reshaping History in Cymbeline

Stephan Flores (University of Idaho), “Ephemeral Singularity: Theorizing Trauma, Loss, and the Limits of Sovereign Power for Early Modern Studies”

10:45 AM ⑊ Panel 3: EXCESSive Bodies of Power

Moderator: Rachel Levinson-Emley (University of California, Santa Barbara)

Kailey Giordano (University of California, San Diego), “A Cooke-ham of One’s Own: The Loss of Nature and the Birth of the Poet in Aemilia Lanyer’s ‘The Description of Cooke-ham’”

Peter Frei (University of California, Irvine), “Wasted: Rabelais and the Nature of Politics in the French Renaissance”

Stacie Vos (University of California, San Diego), “’The Counterfeit Belly’: an Early Modern Exemplum of Female Consumption”

12:00 PM ⑊ Lunch

1:15 PM ⑊ Keynote

Introduction: William Warner (University of California, Santa Barbara)

Elizabeth Heckendorn Cook (University of California, Santa Barbara), “Speculative Wastelands”

2:45 PM ⑊ Coffee Break [UCen]

3:15 PM ⑊ Lightening Round: GARBAGE: Animal, Vegetable, Parasite

Moderator: Kristen McCants (University of California, Santa Barbara)

Elizabeth Crachiolo (University of California, Davis), “Ephemeral Flowers and Femininity in Early Modern English Texts”

Haylie Swenson (George Washington University), “‘More Than a Creeping Thing’: Shakespeare’s Roman Rat”

Katie Kadue (University of California, Berkeley), “Faded Flowers: Gender and Cliché in Early Modern Lyric”

Ursula Clayton (Royal Holloway, University of London), “‘More courtship lives in carrion-flies than Romeo’: The figure of the parasite in Romeo and Juliet

4:15 PM ⑊ Wine & Closing Thoughts

6:30 PM ⑊ Conference Dinner

Stella Mare’s
50 Los Patos Way
Santa Barbara, CA 93108